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Why print still matters when growing your photography business

How do you choose which type of presentation best suits the style of your work? how much, what order, in what size of the photos to show and in what layout?  What type of photo book or album style should I showcase my work or clients? Should photosets be single, gallery or framed? Phew! A lot of questions, right? We understand and have helped with such questions for over 50 years’.

All these variables are key to growing a successful photography business because it’s how people look and judge your work. A great photographer will fail if he doesn’t know that print matters. And an average photographer can be perceived much better than he/she is if he knows how these works.

Digital has done wonders for the print industry – it allows you, photographers, to learn faster, it gives you technological opportunities and made completely new styles of photography possible. There’s no doubt that the digital shift has been a positive one. The print versus digital discussion is a very controversial topic among professional photographers, and certainly, everyone will have their own opinion. Regardless of where you fall in this matter, prints still matter for photographers and for their clients as consumers of photography.

Offering printed products as a professional photographer are crucial to your long-term success

As a professional photographer or aspiring professional, it’s important to consider offering printed products to your clients. Besides the nostalgia, the emotional and logical reasons for enjoying the printed image – there are so many business benefits to be a full-service photographer.

  1. Prints can separate you as “great” photographer, apart from the “ok” photographers. It’s easy to make an image look nice at a low-resolution on the web, but to make an image look great in print involves a whole other skill set.
  2. Printing your images increases your perceived value as a photographer. Everyone has digital files sitting on hard drives or memory cards. To offer a beautifully finished printed piece in a stunning presentation box shows that you put effort into the imagery for your clients.
  3. Making prints for your clients shows that you care about their customer experience and in delivering their images in their pre-finished form, It also shows that you are a full-service photographer.
  4. As a photographer, if you are trying to make a living with your camera, offering printed products gives you the opportunity to make additional income as opposed to just making your money from your session fees.
  5. When you make a print for a client, it means that you control the output quality and the finished product, and you don’t leave it up to them to produce their own prints from a consumer-grade lab. Quality control is important for a professional!

Ultimately, when you offer prints and other professionally produced physical products, you are supporting the industry (i.e. the labs, the album makers, etc.) who are constantly supporting photographers by providing educational opportunities, sponsorships, trade shows and so on.

Printing your work is a good learning tool to help you grow as a photographer

A print will always be the most realistic representation of an image as it is the only medium that is truly tangible and actual. This will ultimately be the best way to judge your work as an image isn’t truly finished until it’s in printed form. It’s easier to judge an image when it’s printed – you can examine it closer, look at it longer, and see it in different contexts.

A print is easier to pass around and get objective feedback from others. There is no limitation or interpretation that makes digital photography subjective – variations in monitor size, calibration, room lighting and so on. You ultimately can’t argue with print quality – it is either a good print or not.

Why Presentation Matters for a professional photographer

When you offer a printed product to your clients as a photographer, you make yourself about more than just pictures. You are now about the preservation of moments and in ensuring that your work, and your clients’ memories, will be guaranteed to last a lifetime. Presenting your work in a beautiful portfolio box will help showcase your talents.

Portfolio & Presentation Boxes are a beautiful accompaniment to any package offering. You can choose from a leather or material covering for a stylish look to match your album or use images of your choice for an Image Wrap Box; the image is printed photographically and wrapped around the front, spine and back of the box to create a truly personal item.


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