We try to stay on top of the trends when it comes to presenting photography stylishly, and we love finding new ways to showcase photographers’ creative work!

Here are a few ideas for photographers to suggest displaying printed wedding photographs, including some of our offerings:

  1. Framed canvas

Bring shape to your photographs by displaying wedding photos in a new dimension! Try a traditional canvas for a dramatic, pop-out look, or choose a framed option like above to display your wedding photography in an elegant yet contemporary way.

  1. Plan a gallery wall

Order multiple framed prints in theme – whether in black and white, like below or in colour with multiple coloured frames and sizes to create a more casual look – this is a trendy way to showcase those gorgeous wedding images!

  1. Can’t decide which prints you want to hang up?

We know that most photographers produce hundreds of incredible shots from each wedding. A suggestion that many brides are enthusiastic about is to order framed prints of many favourite images, and then display them on a shelf, rotating the selected images when desired! As an alternative to a ‘gallery photo wall,’ this offers a simple way to only display a few images at a time.

  1. The classic photo album

Our minimalist artisan albums are classic and timeless. These wedding albums are handcrafted with your choice of genuine leather, silk, acrylic, metal or linen, and feature photographs in lustre, gloss or metallic printing. Photographers can recommend that clients choose a colour that matches their wedding’s theme!

  1. Go dramatic with your photo album

Don’t hide those gorgeous wedding images inside a photo album – choose an image wrap to feature your favourite shots on the outside of the book!

  1. Treat your family to a mini album

As a thank-you gift, newly married couples could gift a small mini wedding album to parents, grandparents and other close family members. These come at a reasonable price and are a nice way to share memories with the wedding party.

  1. The Polaroid approach

Prints can be displayed old-school style – simply order multiple prints and hang from a frame with string! This could also be great for displaying images at wedding fayres or other photography events.

  1. Suggest a lay flat album

One of our more popular wedding albums are the lay-flat options, which are incredible for displaying large images without worrying about the fold.

  1. Try a box frame

If you’ve used a modern, artsy photography style, an enchanting way to display wedding photos is with a box frame. Use a metallic finish for a dramatic finish to a black and white image!

  1. Mount your photos 

A mounted option is excellent for displaying photography at galleries – because as a photographer, you should show off the excellent work you’ve done!

Browse our range of wedding photo albums and wall art to discover more ways to display wedding photography.

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