Technology can enable us to bring these worlds together – the old school handwritten note can now be done on a tablet, video chat brings families across continents together in ‘real-time,’ and more ground-breaking technology like 365-degree film can put anyone into anyone else’s shoes.

However, the intangible world of social media and apps that our lives revolve around has also started to evoke another movement: the realisation of the importance of, and our appreciation for, tangible objects, especially the art of photography.

A print is – and will remain – integral for photographers.

Photographers: do you really want to spend ages to capture that perfect moment, only to let it live on Facebook for about 24 hours and then be bypassed by something else? It’s one simple swipe or clicks onto the next one – without taking time to appreciate the art of photography.

Printing photographs – taking the time to mull over the different shots, deciding which shot displays the most emotion, and choosing one that will be a reminder of that moment, on a daily basis, for the subject – isn’t that what photography is about?

Plus, printing can be valuable for photographers in many ways:

  1. The ‘best’ shot is still truly what matters for print, not just getting thousands of decent shots.
  2. A printed image shows more, different detail than a digital photograph – making a photographer who relies on a print a better photographer and; You can revisit those old photos on your hard drive – and finally display them like they deserve to be showcased!
  3. A print is satisfying and inspiring: seeing your finished, printed work will help you remember why you do what you do – and your clients will be wowed.

Overall, an image depicted in print resembles an intimate moment, a keepsake, and a true appreciation for a photographer’s talent.

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