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Digital Albums and Coffee Tables

As part of Colorworld’s commitment to providing our customers with the very best of products and services we also provide an alternative to StudioPartner Roes.

Colorworld Designer Pro is our recommended choice of software for designing Renaissance Digital Albums and Coffee Table Books.

Photo Printing Ordering System

The functional productive, easy to use and cost-effective ordering software from Colorworld.

You’ll have access to hundreds of products, ranging from a straightforward 5×5 to a multi-image large format print. You can select, crop, rotate, remove, sort and rename your images all within one software.

ImagePartner Software

ImagePartner is a professional online image store, that has been developed and is maintained by Colorworld Imaging.

Photographers upload their images to our web server where they can be viewed by your customers. Your customer orders can either be sent back to you or directly to your customer.

When it comes to designing your Renaissance albums or the coffee table books, you need to ensure that you are using professional photo print software.  We have worked hard to ensure that our software is full of useful tools and designs that will not only make it easy to use but also will help you produce designs that your client will love.

If you are ordering standard prints, framed print, and presentation products, then using our professional photography software StudioPartner Roes software is packed full of templates and layouts.  Whilst we could say it’s the best photo printing software.

Colorworld DesignerPro

Colorworld Imaging has led the industry by introducing Designer Pro Software, which puts you the photographer in complete control of the products and services. Here are some of the reasons photographers use our software:

  • Artisan Albums
  • Renaissance Albums
  • Lay Flat Albums
  • Coffee Table Albums
  • Fine Art Albums
  • Lifestyle Albums

With StudioPartner Web you order your professional prints and products within minutes.  Launch directly from your web browser and get access to hundreds of product templates.

StudioPartner Web

Upload your images to us directly through your web browser.  All orders are encrypted for security.  Ensure that you have to website username and password to hand when ordering.

  • Individual Prints
  • Presentation Products
  • PC & MAC Compatible
  • Display Products
  • Framed Prints
  • Marketing Tools
  • Design Partner Editing Tool
  • Proofing Tools
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Image Partner Software

For photographers looking for a white-label product that can be branded with their own business colours and logo. Image Partner is the perfect solution. Below are some of the benefits of signing up for our white-label software.

  • Use Your Own Logo
  • Password Protected
  • Flexible Pricing & Payments
  • Tailored Website Links
  • Image Watermarking
  • Single Click/Direct Ordering
  • Encrypted Order Information
  • Small one-time setup fee

I have returned to photography after 10 years away. Now I’ve been thrown into the digital world I needed to find a digital lab that could take me by the hand on what they needed from me and what I could expect from them. Colorworld has been a Godsend in providing not only competitive printing and easy to use software, but a wealth of knowledge that is easily reachable.

Andy Starkey

With the staff’s help, and the now very easy to use designer pro software I find the whole process a whole lot easier. The staff are very friendly, helpful and patient and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other photographers.

Alex Martin
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