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Tools that you use for proofing and selecting images can now be as stylish and with the same high quality as your finished product. Our Proof Books offer the most cost-effective way of presenting your images for selection however you may wish to present your images in a more album like the format and so the Contemporary Proof Album would be the most stylish choice.

Regardless of the proofing option, you select, each image is labelled with the unique file name or frame number. All proofing systems are available in a variety of page options and layouts and are an excellent alternative to traditional proof prints.

Contemporary Proof Books Product Spec:

  • Printed on Full Photographic Paper
  • Frosted Acetate Cover to protect the Album
  • Spiral Bound
Proof Books Product Spec:

  • Hard Back or Softback Covers available
  • Spiral Bound available in Soft Back
  • Printed on 170gsm Silk Coated Paper
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