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Colorworld Imaging offers a full range of mounting and laminating services, using materials suitable for a variety of applications. Our mounting options can provide you with prints perfect for most occassions including galleries, competitions and Fellowship Qualifications.

Choose from our 4 different mounting options including satin laminate.


  • Laminate – available in satin and gloss finishes.
  • 12mm MDF – Has a super smooth finish to both sides, light brown in colour.
  • Canvas Bond – Printed onto an artists canvas using our high-quality inkjet printers.
  • Card – A smooth white card 2000 micron thick suitable for small prints.
  • Foamboard – A smooth white foam core board, very light and available in 5mm and 10mm thickness.
  • Rigid PVC – This plastic sheet material with a smooth white semi-matt finish, available in 3mm, 5mm, & 10mm.
Colour Correction Service
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