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Colorworld Imaging offers a full range of mounting and laminating services, using materials suitable for a variety of applications. Our mounting options can provide you with prints perfect for most occassions including galleries, competitions and Fellowship Qualifications.

Choose from our 4 different mounting options including satin laminate.


  • Laminate – available in satin and gloss finishes.
  • 12mm MDF – Has a super smooth finish to both sides, light brown in colour.
  • Canvas Bond – Printed onto an artists canvas using our high-quality inkjet printers.
  • Card – A smooth white card 2000 micron thick suitable for small prints.
  • Foamboard – A smooth white foam core board, very light and available in 5mm and 10mm thickness.
  • Rigid PVC – This plastic sheet material with a smooth white semi-matt finish, available in 3mm, 5mm, & 10mm.
Picture Mounting
Large Prints From Digital Photos
Frames For Photographers
Picture Lamination
Picture Frames With Mounts
Custom Picture Mounts
Mounting Photos On Foam Board

Photography and art lovers in this world love to see framed and mounted pictures and paintings on their walls. They share their requirements with photographers and the photographers delegate some of the responsibility to us. Often for interesting pieces of artwork, we are required to work on custom picture mounts or ready picture frames with mounts. This just adds to the beauty of an image and gives it added protection as well.  

There are different ways in which we work on mounted photo prints and mounting photos on foam board is one of them. If you are tired of using conventional or regular photo frames, mounted photo prints can let you break the monotony.

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