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The Framing Service is your one-stop shop for framed prints as you order your print, frame, and mount all in one place and for one price. Frames provide a functional yet elegant setting for your favourite images, whether it’s a frame for the desk or above the fireplace we have a style, size, and colour perfect for your print.

We have created a wide range of different mouldings to suit many different tastes, styles & budgets of photography. We ensure that all of our frames are packaged securely to prevent damage during shipping so that you have 100% guarantee you will be able to provide your customer with the highest quality product possible.

Delivery:  7 working days

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High-Class & Professional Printing and Framing

Colorworld Imaging is the manufacturer of professional picture frames for photographers, we love printing and framing your superb images here in the UK from our North East headquarters.

As the best online photo printing and framing UK based Pro Lab we have a good range of best selling mountboard options and we use high-grade acrylic glass which is both integral to the finish of any framed print and delivers professional and lasting perfection

Our frame range ranges from contemporary to the more traditional styles to suit your and your customer’s needs. All our frames are made from 100% wood, thus ensuring absolute quality control and as we use professional framing equipment, our frames and printing come with a lifetime guarantee and have been used by professional photographers and art galleries for many years.  Order professional photo frames online via our StudioPartner software with a true visual representation of what your finished professional framed print will look like.

Let Colorworld Imaging PRINT and FRAME your images, and ‘see’ the difference


A luxurious and impactful 100% wooden frame available in three best selling colours including shabby chic/white. Hand Painted with unique and purposeful moulding imperfections this frame will enhance and support any image from any genre.


One of the biggest and chunkiest frames we do with a smooth finish. 100% wood which with its deep 2 inch moulding will lift any image. Available in 3 popular finishes giving you the choice you need.


A classic frame moulding, 100% wood with a wood grain texture drawing you into the image. Available in 4 popular finishes.


Available in a selection of colours this 100% wooden frame gives 5 finishes options with a smooth touch finish This classic frame moulding is smooth to the touch with a modern square profile to give your clients even more choice of finish


If you want impact and a huge moulding, then this is for you. 100% wood and available in two distinctive finishes, this is a very contemporary and visually impactful frame.


One of our most popular frames that fits most genres of image, across 3 best selling colours. A hand crafted natural 100% wood finish, and a pleasing visible recess, this is a perfect studio frame option for your clients.


A must have 100% wooden moulding with a very textured and ‘reclaimed’ look and feel to this best selling moulding. Available in four popular finishes, this frame will be a superb edition to your client choices.


A very popular 100% wooden frame with an impressive 5 colour options. Superb matt molding with a natural smooth finish on this ‘go to’ and popular choice for many professional photographers.


A very popular thinner moulding offering 5 finishes with a lined and textured smooth finish. A flat 100% wood square profile giving the clean edging your image requires.


A clean natural moulding with lower edges creating subtle sight lines with 2 popular finishes of Black and White available.

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