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Artisan Albums from Colorworld Imaging are hand-made by our crafted tradespeople to the highest standard. With every element inspected for quality, you can trust Colorworld to provide you with an exquisite product of both quality and beauty and all available in 16 Genuine Types of leather and a variety of cover options.

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Acrylic Photo Album Cover
Acrylic Photo Album Covers

The Acrylic cover is one of the most popular cover options. The back and spine are bound in leather in a colour of your choice with the front acrylic page highly polished to a perfect finish.

Canvas Photo Album Cover
Canvas Photo Album Cover

Canvas adds texture to your album giving a softening effect to your image. The back and spine are bound in leather in a colour of your choice and the Canvas provides an artistic touch to those artisans among you.

Metal Photo Album Cover
Metal Photo Album Cover

A black and white image can be printed directly onto the Metal cover providing an extremely contemporary and unique finish. The back and spine are bound in leather in a colour of your choice.

Silk Photo Album Cover
Silk photo album cover

An alternative to the traditional leather, but still retains the elegance that a professional photographer requires.

Image Wrap Album Cover
Photo Albums

The Image Wrap allows you to completely cover the album in an image of your choice from front to back. Enabling you to totally personalise the album cover and create a unique covering with a choice of layouts.

Photo Montage Cover
Photo Mantage Album Cover

The Photo Montage option is a matt laminated, photographically printed front cover with the back and spine bound in leather in a colour of your choice.

Cameo Photo Album Cover
Cameo Cover Photo Album

A small image is printed and placed into a specially created bevel cushion with the entire album bound in leather in a colour of your choice.

Linen Photo Album Cover
Linen Photo Albums

Perfect for lifestyle or New Born baby books to suit all styles of taste. The album is fully wrapped in your chosen material.

Full Leather Album Cover
Photo Albums

Full album wrapped in a genuine leather in a colour of choice. This style of an album has no front cover image and stores away all the images within a leather book bound album covering.

Classic Cover
Classic cover option

A full leather or fabric album cover, which a choice of 24 leather colours, 4 silks and 7 linens.

Embossed Cover

Enhance your classic cover album with embossed text into the leather of linen.

Genuine Leather Swatches
Genuine Leather Photo Album Swatches
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