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The Canvas Box Frames gives a new dimension to the traditional Canvas Wrap.  Made as a normal Canvas Wrap, then professionally framed with either Black Wash or White Wash moulding.  The Canvas Wrap is positioned approximately 10mm inside of the moulding, allowing the sides of the wrap to be seen.

  • Black Wash Wood
  • White Wash Wood
Canvas Box Frames
Black Wash Canvas Box Frame

Canvas box frames are a perfect alternative to normal photo frames. Whilst still printed professionally on canvas, the print is further enhanced by mounting it inside of an attractive box frame.  For those who become willing to give it a try expecting to get striking wall art and we ensure their hopes are not dashed. If the photographers try their level best to raise the picture quality to the highest possible level, we also try to match the same standards and even exceed them if possible when it comes to creating the canvas wrap and choosing the moulding. By selecting a sturdy and classy frame and putting a canvas wrap inside it, we complete a canvas shadow box frame. For a really colourful wrap, we recommend white moulding. We readily furnish photographers with box canvas frames in the UK.

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