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School Photography

Pixel8 School Photographer Case Study

Pixel8 Photography is a school photography company based in Scotland and required a reliable full capture, print, and shipping solution. Read more about how we were able to rise to the challenge.

The Challenge

Starting a new business from scratch can be challenging at the best of times, but when Martin Grant from Pixel8 Photography contacted Colorworld Imaging, he was literally starting from scratch. He had a large potential customer base, as well as the artistic skills to take fantastic photographs, but needed the best equipment to print the photographs and deliver them back to the school in high quality and reasonable time frame.


Martin contacted Colorworld Imaging initially for advice to help with the processes he needed to implement. The main goal was to link a lot of small steps into a sophisticated and efficient end-to-end process. This involved printing the photographs, having access to the hardware and software to capture data for the Schools Management System; as well as the online selling tools to provide the parents with an easy solution to pay without the school having to handle envelopes of money.

Martin from Pixel8 comments

Starting a new business is always fraught with many difficult challenges, but once I spoke with Mike and John at Colorworld Imaging, it was plain to see that the solution was achievable and in a very short time span.  Colorworld Imaging continues to be a valuable supplier, but more than that I know I can trust them with many aspects of my business including dealing with email and phone customer service enquiries as well as delivering professional-quality photo packs to my customers. Despite the issues of the current pandemic, Colorworld has been a real backbone to my business.

School Photography Solution

Colorworld Imaging has over 50 years of experience in the photographic industry and we work with volume photographers and utilising that experience we were able to direct Martin to a range of custom solutions based on his needs. It was a matter of understanding the requirements and tailoring our solution accordingly.

Martin had previously worked for a very large school photography company that had their way of working whilst taking the photos at the school, and also in the delivery of the final school photography packs.  As he had been used to this way of working, he was very keen to replicate some of it, whilst using the technologies developed by Colorworld Imaging to improve efficiencies in other areas.

He was very keen to continue the method of “Proof on the Day”. This allows photographers to capture the images and produce the proof card (or module) whilst at the school. In addition to this, he was also required to supply the school with a disk or USB of all the images that were ready to load into the schools’ management system. After speaking with Colorworld Imaging, Mike Brydon, the company’s managing director signposted Martin to a company called Halsys Ltd. Halsys specialises in a number of digital imaging solutions to help photographers capture images using bespoke software along with tethered and untethered tools. One piece of software they offer is called IDShoot which captures the images and automatically prints out the proof card containing the login details for the online sales solution.

To improve the performance of IDShoot, Colorworld Imaging directed Martin to a simple USB footswitch, to save on having to use the laptop keyboard.

Colorworld Imaging worked closely with Halsys to integrate IDShoot into Colorword’s online sales tool ImagePartner. This allows parents to order their school photo packs online without the need to return money envelopes back to the school, saving time on the whole process and adding convenience for parents.

A key issue that Martin used to have to deal with was the manual burning of CDs containing all the images that had been captured in the previous week. This was a particularly long process and often took up most of Martin’s Saturday morning. The integration between IDShoot and ImagePartner provided a simple solution to this problem. It allows Martin to simply push a button at the end of the day to upload the images directly to the ImagePartner server.  The child’s photographs were then ready for viewing by the parents within minutes of the upload, saving valuable time as well delivering the images to the parents far quicker than ever before.

Where parents chose to pay for their photo packs using the payment envelope, the proofs were returned to the school, where Martin would collect them, scan the proof cards, and email one PDF to Colorworld for processing.

Colorworld Imaging would then handle any order inputting that was required as well as automatically importing online orders to be fulfilled. School Photo packs are usually delivered to the school within 10 working days without any further assistance from the photographer.

The Results

Martin has improved his workflow significantly from his previous company, and has found that he now has more time for himself! Some of this time he has put back into developing the business to increase the number of schools he now serves, to the point that he has now taken on additional photographers.

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