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Digital Printers

Introducing our digital lab printing prowess

In our 50 years’ history of servicing the photographic industry, the most important milestones were the purchasing of our industrial printing machines. The prowess of these machines is what drives our success and service satisfaction. For a full timeline of our machine investments please visit our about us page where we detail the inception of the technology we rely on for our customers’.

Our machines are magnificent and proudly sit in the very heart of our digital lab. We thought we would give you some insight into how two of our main ones work and why we use them to produce our orders day-in, day-out and all-year round.


The Chromira 5x ProLab is a fully integrated, professional 30″ digital printer/processor lab system that automatically nests, sorts, back-prints, cuts, and collates package orders of small prints, larger prints, and murals with perfectly colour-matched, flawless results. We have two on-site at our premises.

ProLab prints stunning digital images from 3×5 inches to 30 in. x 35 ft. from one roll of 30-inch media ensuring perfect colour matching. The ProLab uses state-of-the-art, award-winning, and patented LED technology to create beautiful, high-quality prints. It images on any RA-4 media and surface, including backlit display films.

Chromira ProLab provides a technology solution that helps our customers that specialise in either portrait, wedding, commercial, custom, fine art, event, schools, and consumer markets. It produces innovative products for our customers with very different requirements, preferences, and expectations and helps us to deliver unmatched quality and production efficiency for each imaging market.

The Chromira ProLab prints everything on the same emulsion resulting in perfectly colour-matched mixed-format orders that add the perfect professional touch to your images.

Digital lab printers
Digital Prints
digital printers

Next up, is our Agfas of which we have 6 in operation at our lab. Agfa Graphics puts perfection into our printing there is no doubt about that.


Print Processing Capabilities

  • Colour, density, and contrast management, sharpness management,
    over-/under-exposure improvement, Dust and scratch correction* for CN films,
    colour tone differentiation
  • Greeting cards, business cards, passport photos, calendar pictures, CD covers, etc.
digital printers
digital lab printers

So as you can see, we have all the experience and technology for printing. We are proud of our digital labs printing prowess and as such welcome photographers to drop by and talk with a member of our team who will help you sample our products in our reception area.

For enquiries please contact us on 0191 259 6926, or send us a message by filling our online form.

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