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How to choose the right photography printing partner

How do you choose the right printing company for your new photography business?

You’re new to the photography industry and are confronted with so many potential suppliers – how do you decide which printing company to choose for your print requirements?

Some freelancers do not pay much attention to the way they review their print strategies and requirements. Little or no consideration for cost or quality to the various digital albums cover options and colours. However, all of that has changed. Freelancers are more aware of the need to review their print requirements and offer better quality products for their client’s work. They want proofing and presentation options that are just as good as the end-product as well as a software-as-a-service option.

The following list will provide a useful guideline, it is by no means complete or exhaustive.

1. Choose a company that can offer innovative solutions capable of adapting to your business environment.

2. That can/will provide ongoing support, consultation and recommendations that consider your evolving business needs.

3. That has a complete solution for your requirements such as a white label print ordering software.

4. Offers best in class service and delivery, experienced personnel, good operational processes and delivery options.

5. Check the quality of the work – what do they do, what is their niche and how will they deliver the service to you.

6. Technically competent – do they have the technical expertise in their digital lab to deliver on quality?

7. Is the product handcrafted in-house by an experienced artisan craftsman?

8. Is the supplier reliable – will they fulfil/deliver the product/service in a timely manner?

9. Can you visit their lab, so they can demonstrate the extent of their knowledge of the product or service they are proposing?

10. Does the company indicate reliability and longevity in the niche you work in, in other words – how long have they been servicing the photographic industry?

11. Do they have experienced personnel capable of advising beyond printing, for example, print companies do more than just manage your print they are multi-channel partners they can provide expertise on promotional gift items and marketing collateral.

12. Do they have testimonials from current customers to authenticate their quality, speed, friendliness of staff and reliability?

13. Do they offer software capabilities and demos to ensure you know how to use tools to enhance your business offering and satisfy your creative skills?

14. Do they offer secure payment options for peace of mind?

17. Check the reputation of the supplier –check the website what do they talk about, what services are they advertising? Do they display testimonials?

18. Ask for a trial run for example can the print company offer to print some photos with or without colour correction, so you can compare against other companies?

Once you have found the right printing company or partner keep them. Having a good relationship will ensure you can look to them for all manner of printed or outsourced information and advice and in turn, they are more likely to offer you discounts, give you a first-class service and provide additional services.

Why not create an account today and do a print run with and without colour correction?

Register for an account today.

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