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Colour Correction

Colorworld offers complimentary Colour Correction which is a professional colour balancing service carried out by our team of trusted and experienced colour analysers to provide a well-balanced print that is optimised for printing. This service is complimentary and is carried out on all orders unless you select ‘Do Not Colour Correct’ when completing your order.

Why is it best to Colour Correct?

When reproducing a print there may be a difference in how the image appears on your monitor and how it actually prints. This is due to the vast difference in monitor displays and individual colour settings and surroundings. With our colour correction service, our trained team of analysts check your image and ensure that it prints with the best possible colour balance.

The bottom line is to have your prints match your screen image and so we also provide you with Test Prints to show you how this service can enhance your images and ensure they appear in print as you intended.

How can Test Prints help me to manage my colour properly?

When you order your test prints with us we take an image of yours and print it twice; once with colour correction and once without. When you receive these prints you can see how your image translates to our printers and adjust your monitor accordingly.

For example:
If you place the without colour correction test print against your monitor you can see the difference. If your image looks great on screen but has printed too dark then you will need to adjust your brightness setting, the same for colour and contrast settings etc until the print and screen look as similar as possible.

You can see on the ‘with colour correction’ print how our analyser has adjusted the levels for you to create a well-balanced print.

If you feel your colour management is to the standard you require then you can select ‘Do Not Colour Correct’ when ordering otherwise we will check all images to ensure we provide you with the highest standard of print possible.

Portfolio Boxes
Fine Art Albums
Lifestyle Albums
Lay Flat Books

It is through colour grading that we enhance the colour, contrast, and saturation of a picture and create specific moods. We take colour grading as a part of colour correction to ensure the prints look as good as their soft copies.

With over 50 years of service to the photographic industry, our highly trained colour analysers will manually adjust the colours of your images to produce the very best print possible.  Photo colour correction grading may be something that you, as a photographer would like to do yourself, but if that is not a task you wish to burden yourself with, we can take care of it for you.

Things to think of when editing and managing your own colour

#1 Reflection of surrounding colours onto the monitor i.e. decor, furnishings and clothing.

#2 Light source i.e. avoids any light shining onto the screen and light your room evenly.

#3 Monitor height – monitor must be at eye height and not at an angle to minimise any adjustments in contrast.

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