We understand that your screens are likely not the same as the setup of a professional lab. Light from a window can skew how an image looks on your screen compared to how it will print, in fact, a lot of things can. The settings of your screen, the age of said screen, your overhead lighting, choice of lightbulb tired eyes or even shockingly the colour of the room you’re sitting can all affect the appearance of your image, and more importantly your perception of the colour of an image.

That’s where Colorworld can come in handy. Many are shocked to find that we provide a fully complimentary colour correction service on every order placed. We have a group of on-site colour correction experts in a lab optimised for our printers. Using state-of-the-art Spyder technology, our colour correctors will ensure that the exact image you want is the image that’s printed. We also can provide you with Test Prints to show you how this service can enhance your images and ensure they appear in print as you intended. Test Prints are available through Studio Partner ROES Free Of Charge.

Below, we have an example of how our colour correction department can really bring your images from very good, to perfection. The subtle differences are often difficult to pick up on, but create that nagging feeling of wrongness. The blue in the image on the left was only out of being completely correct by 0.03, but it gives what should be a crisp, white dress an unfortunate grey/blue tone. After the correction, the colour is clean, crisp and true to life.

We care about the quality of your prints and the service we provide, that’s why we have a full team of trained colour correction technicians. We’re consistently updating our technology to ensure we’re at the forefront, both with quality and saving you all-important time when you could be making money!

If you’d like to learn more about our colour correction service, or any other Colorworld product, please contact us to speak to one of our fantastic team.