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School Photo Proof Cards

A Quick Guide to School Photography Products


School photography Proof Cards are the basis for all School, Nursery, Playgroup & University photographers. Incorporating single & multi-pose proof cards to be able to generate an ideal combination for your business or event. Single pose proof cards for the time conscious photographer and multi-pose proof cards to increase pack sales with a range of images.

There are different Proof types, in the main they are;

  • Prints with envelopes
  • Directly to envelopes
  • Size 8”x6” / A5
  • Individually packed with Sales Envelopes
  • Individual Barcodes for easy re-order
  • Full-Colour Correction Included
  • 3 Day Proof card Turnaround time
  • Custom Template uploaded to Studio Partner
  • Online sales included

Simply choose your pose/package combination and send your company details, logo and your own pack pricing and it can be made available as a custom template within an ordering software.

The Friends & Tri-fold Leaflets

The Friends & Tri-fold Leaflets are a great addition to any school packs or add-on packs. As well as traditional prints in strut mounts, you can also offer canvas wraps, acrylic prints, framed prints, glass frames, glass coasters & framed panoramics.

Groups & Panoramic Prints

These products are proving to be very popular within the Schools industry. They offer a great way to remember class photos, friends & year groups. We offer a variety of different sizes and options to suit every budget.

Find out how you can make your own packs by downloading our Schools Product Brochure.

SIMS & SEEMIS Data Capture

A fast and efficient way to capture student information in order to create images that are ready for Schools Management Information Systems (MIS) such as SIMS™and SEEMIS™.The procedure requires the purchase of an annual license for the software to create data matrix ID cards which are photographed along with the students.

SIMS Importer Licenses

SIMS™ Photo Importer License is available to photographers who can meet certain criteria.


Do you have any questions on how our school workflow systems work? Ask a pre-workflow question today!

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